Greater Vernon Water - Duteau Creek Water Source

Water Notice

Greater Vernon Water (GVW) is starting work on a large infrastructure project. Throughout construction, UV treatment on the Duteau Creek source may be intermittently affected, and GVW has to maintain a lower level of water flow to complete the project. Therefore, GVW is issuing three notices:

  1. Customers usually supplied by the Duteau Creek Water Treatment plant are on a precautionary Water Quality Advisory from September 16, 2022, to January 31, 2023. GVW made this decision in conjunction with Interior Health.
  2. In order to decrease demand on the Duteau system, GVW is also delivering water from the Kalamalka Lake water source to some customers that usually receive water from Duteau Creek, so customers are also advised of a Water Source Change.
  3. Stage 2 water restrictions are now in place for all GVW customers until further notice.

Why are these measures in place?

GVW is increasing the size of the spillway at Headgates Dam to better protect our water supply infrastructure, the environment, and downstream properties. The Duteau Creek water intake is located in the Headgates Dam, and the reservoir behind the dam must be lowered during the construction period scheduled for September 2022 to January 2023.

The amount of water GVW can access from the Duteau Creek water supply will be reduced during the project. This means the UV portion of the Duteau Creek Water Treatment Plant (DCWTP) could be temporarily turned-off without notice due to changes in water demand. While water may not be treated with UV (added in 2019) the water will still be treated with the clarification process and disinfected with chlorine. Because of this possibility, GVW is issuing a Water Quality Advisory for all properties shown in green and blue on the map below.

The Water Source Change is occurring because water from Kalamalka Lake will be supplied to some areas that normally receive Duteau Creek water. (Customers in the green area on the map below). This may be of interest to customers who have in-home water treatment systems or aquariums as the water is harder and has a higher pH.

Additionally, Stage 2 Restrictions are necessary for all GVW customers until water use reduces. This includes the areas normally supplied by the Mission Hill Water Treatment Plant (MHWTP) because it is being used to supplement the DCWTP area. As temperatures decrease, this measure may be rescinded.

Customers affected by the precautionary Water Quality Advisory may wish to boil their water for at least one minute when using it for purposes such as:

  • Drinking
  • Brushing teeth
  • Washing fruits & vegetables to be eaten raw
  • Preparing any food
  • Mixing baby formula
  • Making beverages or ice

Where can I find updates?

Updates will be posted to (filter by Water Notices) and the RDNO’s Facebook page at You can also subscribe to receive email updates at Agricultural water customers can sign up to receive specialized text, email, or voicemail supply alerts at (bottom right of webpage).

If you have any questions, please contact the RDNO Utilities Department at 250-550-3700.

More Information:

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