Shuswap River Area F

Mosquito Control

Electoral Area “F” wishes to provide a mosquito control service to the residents of Electoral Area “F”, with a focus on mosquito breeding sites along the Shuswap River near the communities of Kingfisher, Ashton Creek, Grindrod and Mara. 

Electoral Area “F” COVID-19 Safe Restart Grant funding in the amount of $18,000 was allocated to the development of a pest management plan (PMP) by Duka Environmental Services Ltd. The purpose of the PMP is to reduce overall mosquito annoyance by controlling larval development. The proposed duration of the PMP is April 2024 to March 2029.

The intent of the program identified through the PMP is for a contractor to apply the biological controls outlined in the PMP to mosquito larval habitats within areas of the Shuswap River floodplain, beginning in 2024 to help prevent the spread of mosquitos.

A service must be established with the approval of the electors before the program begins. An alternative approval process was undertaken in November/December 2023. The process was unsuccessful. The Board of Directors, on December 20, 2023, voted in favour of moving to an assent vote (referendum), to be held in early 2024. For more information on the process, please visit the Assent Voting page.