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Current Alerts, Orders and Advisories

Current Evacuation Status



Please note that the RDNO only issues Evacuation Orders and Alerts for RDNO Electoral Areas. If you do not live in an RDNO Electoral Area, current status of evacuations with your local government. You can see whether you live in a member municipality or an RDNO electoral area by using our address search tool.

A variety of emergency events could impact our areas, such as wildfires or flooding. Emergency Info BC is your source for current information regarding all emergencies within British Columbia. 

If you are on Evacuation Order contact Emergency Support Services (ESS) to register. The ESS information centre is also available through 1-800-585-9559Evacuees, responders and suppliers may call this number.

Evacuation Types

In the event of a wildfire or flood emergency, you may receive an Evacuation Alert or an Evacuation Order should a hazard threaten your home. 

Emergency Links

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