Planning and Land Use

The Regional District of North Okanagan provides community planning services to all electoral areas of the North Okanagan, as well as the participating municipalities of Enderby and Lumby.  

Electoral Area Development Applications

Community Planning Hierarchy

A hierarchy of plans guide land use planning in the RDNO- progressing from broad land use policy to specific parcel-based land use and development requirements.


Regional Growth Strategy gives long-range planning direction for Electoral Areas and municipal Official Community Plans (OCPs). OCPs provide a framework of broad planning goals, objectives and land use designations that guide development. Neigbourhood Plans & Local Area Plans, which are consistent with a corresponding OCP, focus policy directives and design guidelines regarding the form and function of designated neighbourhood and local areas. The specific use of land, buildings, and structures in the Electoral Areas of the RDNO is regulated through Zoning Bylaws. All properties in the North Okanagan have a legal zoning classification that specifies the uses or activities that can take place on that property.

Municipalities - Official Community Plan & Zoning Bylaws

The RDNO provides Planning Services to the Village of Lumby and processes Subdivision applications for the City of Enderby.  To review your municipality’s OCP and Zoning Bylaw and or to access their Development Application Forms visit their website, links provided below. 

Agricultural Land Reserve

For lands located with the Provincially designated Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), in addition to local Zoning Bylaw regulations, the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) Act and Regulations must also permit a land use for it to be permitted.  With ever-changing ALC regulations, some land uses permitted within local bylaws may not be permitted by the ALC.  If you have questions in this regard, please contact the Planning Department.

Visit the Provincial Agricultural Land Commission Website