Noxious Weeds and Invasive Plants

The Regional District of North Okanagan provides education to raise public awareness of the impacts of invasive plants.

In accordance with British Columbia's Weed Control Act, control of noxious weeds & invasive plants on private property is the responsibility of the occupier of land.

To report noxious weeds and invasive plants on public property, report online at or on the Government of British Columbia's website.

What are noxious weeds?

Noxious Weeds, also called lnvasive Plants, are non-native plant species that invade our ecosystems and out-compete local plants and cultivated crops for water, nutrients and light. Highly adaptable and difficult to control, these alien plants grow aggressively without the insect predators and plant pathogens that kept them in check in their native habitats.

lnvasive plants are tough, adaptable and aggressive, growing quickly on disturbed sites via root fragments or seeds. A single plant can produce thousands of seeds that can be dispersed by wind, water and soil.

Weeds can be found almost anywhere: roads, trails, railways, grassland, wetlands, parks… even in your own garden. Watch out for wildflower seed mixes that contain invasive plant seeds. Seeds and plant parts may hitch a ride on boots, clothing, backpacks, animals and vehicles, thus travelling from infested areas.

Not all invasive plants are classified as Noxious Weeds.  Some weeds are classified as Noxious within all regions of British Columbia, while others are classified as Noxious within the boundaries of the Regional District of North Okanagan.

Need advice with what to do with invasive weeds on your property?
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