Get Involved

Public interaction and input are an important part of the RDNO decision-making process. We are committed to creating a culture of engagement that encourages regular communication with our residents on matters that affect them. We believe that those who are affected by a decision should be involved in that decision-making process. Through this, we strive to build trust among RDNO member municipalities, electoral areas and the community. 

Some ways we look for community engagement and input are through open houses, surveys, citizen committees, advisory committees, and public meetings. Through these kinds of public interactions we can:

  • allow community members and decision-makers to hear a variety of perspectives
  • manage differences, and establish direction in moving forward on complex issues
  • nurture a relationship of confidence and trust in local governments
  • build better communities through understanding and shared goals
  • provide an opportunity to correct inaccurate information or address obstacles

We encourage all residents of the RDNO to explore opportunities available for public participation and engagement in local and regional governance. The RDNO Events Calendar shows current and upcoming engagement events near you.


Have a meeting you would like to attend?

To find information about a specific meeting or public hearing, please view the RDNO Events Calandar.

Request to appear as a delegation

Photo of the podium and microphone in the RDNO board room.

Residents wishing to appear before the Board of Directors to discuss concerns can send in a Delegation Request.