piled up sticks and logs to be burnt
Open Burning Season is October 31st to April 30th

Open Burning and Venting

Open Burning Season is from October 31 to April 30


If you live in a rural area, you may decide to use fire as a tool to clear land, get rid of vegetative debris, or enjoy a recreational campfire. Before you light a fire, be aware that open burning in Electoral Area 'B' & 'C' is regulated by the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) bylaw 2514.  All of the North Okanagan is regulated by the Province of BC through the Kamloops Fire Centre.

Depending on the type of fire, you may require a permit (scroll down to see 'Types').

There are two ways to apply for a burning permit. You can apply online for a Class B permit right through our website, or download a PDF, complete the form, and send it to the RDNO for review. 

Online Class 'B' Open Burning Permit Application

Download a PDF version of Permit Applications

Class 'A' Open Burning Permit Application         Class 'B' Open Burning Permit Application

Avoid fines by following the rules before lighting up!

One of the most common bylaw infractions that we see is burning on days when the venting index is lower than the required "GOOD" rating. Permit holders must ensure that the venting index is "GOOD" before igniting materials.

Check today's venting index

About the Venting Index

When you can burn is regulated through BC's Venting Index. The index measures how well the current weather conditions disperse smoke and pollutants.  A good venting index (55 or greater) ensures smoke rises straight up before dispersing. Burning only when the venting index is 'good' safeguards against poor air quality for you, your community, and your neighbours. 

The North Okanagan is positioned within either a medium or high smoke sensitivity zone, and is within the "Okanagan" Venting Index Zone.

Venting Index Ranges

Venting IndexVenting CategoryIs Burning Allowed?
The Venting Index has a morning, afternoon and next day forecast.  Be sure to check for the best time.

Open Burning Types

RDNO defines four (4) types of open burning, each with its own restrictions and permit requirements. 

Do I need a Permit?

All open burns, with the exception of a small confined fire or campfire, require a permit.  
Burn TypePermit Required?Fee
Small ConfinedNoNone
Class 'A'Yes$1,000
Class 'B'YesNone
Special Open BurningYes$25
Find Class 'A' Permit Application form here         Find a Class 'B' Permit Application form here
NOTE: Class 'A' burns and Special Open burns may require inspection services at an additional fee.