Repair to Reduce Waste Rebate Pilot Program

In Canada, the average person throws out 81 pounds of textiles annually. The issue of “Fast Fashion” is becoming an increasing burden to our environment and landfills.

Repairing items is a key way to extend the life of quality items, reduce waste and encourage a circular economy. In a circular economy, resources are retained and kept in circulation for as long as possible.  

Choosing quality products and keeping these items in use for as long as possible is often better for our environment than repeatedly replacing with lower quality items. Over time, items may just require a small repair such as re-stitching or a zipper replacement. A repair can put items back into use for many more years of high quality style while saving you money and helping our environment.



We offer up to a $25 Rebate to support the repair of clothing and textile items (including shoes) to reduce waste.

Apply to the Repair to Reduce Waste Rebate here!


Frequently Asked Questions

By having an item repaired we can prevent waste and also reduce the impacts on the environment of producing new items!



Find more ways to reduce clothing and textile waste with DIY care and repair tips to further prolong the life of your clothes with Metro Vancouver’s Think Thrice About your Clothes resources.