Grasscycling means leaving your mowed grass on the lawn, allowing it to work its way back into the soil. 

Why Should I Grasscycle?

Grasscycling is an easy way to save time, resources and reduce waste. Grass clippings break down quickly in your lawn, keeping it healthy and avoiding the need to fertilize. Also grasscycling saves water by keeping organic matter in your lawn and reducing water loss through evaportation.

Easy Grasscycling Tips

  • Keep your lawn at least 6cm (2 1/2 inches) long. The longer your grass, the healthier the root system, with greater protection from heat and water loss.
  • Mow as often as needed. This may involve more frequent cutting in mid-summer, and less cutting in late summer and fall. Unless a densely grown lawn is frequently cut, grass clippings will take longer to reach the soil and decompose.
  • Adjust the blade of your lawnmower to keep your lawn at 6cm and make sure your blade is sharp. Clippings should be less than 2 1/2cm (1 inch) for faster decomposition.
  • You can buy a mulching attachment for your lawnmower to create finer grass clippings. Smaller clippings decompose within a few days.
  • Mow late in the day. This will prevent the newly-cut grass from burning, and gives the clippings a chance to settle overnight.
  • Mow grass when it is dry - clippings will distribute more evenly over the lawn and break down faster.

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