a decent small home.

Download the design contest submission for a decent small home. here!

Please note: The Jury panel reviewed a complete submission of plans, these design summaries as submitted by the designer are provided to you for an overview of the design with the majority of building plans removed or redacted.  The RDNO makes no representations or guarantees on the accuracy of any statements contained within these design summaries and they have not been reviewed by a Building Official for accuracy. Once purchased, you will receive the complete package of Building Official approved plans.

Design Overview:

# Bedrooms 3 Bed 
# Bathrooms 1 1/2 Bath
Floor Area 967 ft2
Footprint 46.5 ft x 26 ft
Height 13.58 ft
Design Notes
  • Eco-design: Solar panel ready, thermal bridging and rigid exterior insulation
  • Alternate layouts and roof designs available directly from the designer.

Designer: Ari Lantela, McDiarmid Construction, Salmon Arm, BC.

Please contact the RDNO to purchase these plans.