Regional Planning

The Regional Growth Strategy has established a common vision to guide the future growth and development of the region in a sustainable manner and promotes:

  • economic development which supports the unique character of all communities in the region;
  • protection of environmentally sensitive areas;
  • protection of rural and agricultural lands;
  • development of diverse housing choices;
  • complete and vibrant neighbourhoods;
  • efficient transportation systems;
  • efficient use of facilities, services and resources;
  • reduction of urban sprawl; effective governance; and
  • reduction of energy and emissions. 


  • Functional purpose: Establish a common framework for regional and local planning in the North Okanagan that will guide growth and development.
  • Long term vision – 20 year horizon and beyond
  • Population and employment projections
  • Regional policies for key regional interests: Urban Containment and Rural Protection; Agriculture and Food Systems; Water Stewardship; Environment and Natural Lands; Economic Development; Transportation and Infrastructure; Housing; Governance and Service delivery; and Energy and Emissions.