Love ‘em and Leash ‘em – it’s the Law

dog on a leash with the words love em and leash em on top
Media Release

When you take your dog out, remember to bring a leash and a doggy bag. The RDNO’s Dog Control bylaw requires owners to carry doggy bags with them and to leash their dogs whenever they are not on their property, in their homes, or in an off-leash designated park or area. This applies to the RDNO's dog control service area in Vernon, Coldstream, Lumby, and Electoral areas B & C.

RDNO Dog Control's Top 5 reasons to keep your dog on a leash:

Not all People are Dog People

A person who are afraid or unsure around dogs may seek out on-leash areas to feel more comfortable. Let’s be good neighbours and respect those who wish to get fresh air and keep their distance from dogs. Additionally, an unleashed dog might be incredibly friendly and still unintentionally hurt someone, like if a dog were to jump up to greet an elderly person or a child and knock them over.

Not all Dogs are Good with other Dogs

Not all dogs are comfortable around others! When a leashed dog is approached by an off-leash dog, however friendly that off-leash dog may be, our canine pals may be nervous, anxious and exhibit defensive reactions. These are easily avoidable confrontations when everyone respects the leashing regulations applicable to the area. 

Avoid Injuries & Preventable Vet Bills

Leashing our dogs ensures that we have better control in unexpected situations, preventing accidents and potential conflicts. Ingesting harmful plants or encountering wildlife such as rattlesnakes can pose serious health and safety concerns and are easier to avoid while dogs are leashed. 

Protect the Environment & Wildlife

Every year, wildlife rehabilitation centres treat injuries caused by off-leash dogs. Leashing your dog can reduce disturbance to sensitive wildlife habitats and stop dogs from injuring wild species like squirrels and deer fawns. Learn how to prevent conflicts between pets and wildlife by reading the BC SPCA's Pets and Wildlife brochure.

It's the Law

Outside of your home, property, and dog parks, your furry friend MUST be on a leash no longer than 2.4 metres if you're in Vernon, Coldstream, Lumby, and Electoral Areas B & C. Avoid fines by respecting the leashing rules wherever you take your dog.