The RDNO's main office at 9848 Aberdeen Road, Coldstream
The RDNO's Office in Coldstream, BC.

RDNO Services

The Regional District of North Okanagan provides over 70 services to just over 90,000 people in the North Okanagan. The regional district service delivery model is unique to that of a municipality. Member municipalities and electoral areas can partner to provide services to multiple communities. Services are provided on an opt-in basis, meaning only the communities that receive the service pay for it. 

Some services span the entire region, like solid waste management, some are provided to a few communities, such as Greater Vernon Water, and some only apply to one community or a section of that community, like local parks. 

Learn more about the RDNO's services in this section:

Small Utilities - supply, treatment, conveyance, storage and distribution of water for the Whitevale community area in Electoral Area "D".
Includes the overall administration and management of White Valley Parks, Recreation and Culture facilities and services. Day-to-day operations are provided through service contracts with the Village of Lumby, Lumby Curling Club Society, the Mabel Lake…